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OpenSSO custom auth module for RSA Access Manager (formely ClearTrust)

I have just checked in code for a custom auth module that validates a RSA ClearTrust SSOToken (CTSESSION) in the OpenSSO CVS repository.  This was a result of getting inspired by the much more feature rich SiteMinder module.

Just like the SiteMinder auth module, the obvious two use case of this module are:


  • Co-existence with OpenSSO while authenticating to ClearTrust

  • Migrating to OpenSSO in a ClearTrust environment

This module has been deployed in production and a colleague of mine has polished the code a bit more (my Java skills are ahm…lets say require a jump start most of the time).  I'll be checking in the polished code later next week.

For details on deploying this module refer to the README.txt file in the following directory